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We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before.

The peoples front is European Guild Wars 2 Guild who play on the Desolation server, we are a social guild which doesn't care how high level you are. We are open to all members regardless of how much time you can put in, All we ask is you are friendly to our members and the rest of the game world and take part in our Community. Read more about the Peoples Front Guild. Everyone is welcome within our guild, All we ask is you are friendly and act like an adult.

Visit our How to Join page for more information.

Guild News

Take a closer look at our FIFA 16 features

Category: Community

Take a closer look at our FIFA 16 features deep dive to see what’s new in FIFA 16, and watch the video below to see the new FIFA 16 features in action. FUT 15 Coins.This is our best look at what’s new in FIFA 16 so far, as earlier videos did not showcase the features to this level.…

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What profession (class) are you going to play?

Elementalist – 7 votes
Warrior – 9 votes
Ranger – 6 votes
Necromancer – 4 votes
Guardian – 8 votes
Thief – 5 votes
Engineer – 5 votes
Mesmer – 4 votes