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Ten top tips for leveling in guild wars 2

A complaint I see fairly often about Guild wars 2 is that it is too hard to level and you find yourself constantly under-leveled for any content unless you went to other starter areas, this was a dilemma I too faced in Beta weekend 1 as I was still stuck in my old MMO mindset. However in Beta weekend 2 I actually found myself over-leveled for quite a lot of content having not left the starter area or city. So I'm not telling you how you should play or anything, I just want to give a few tips for speedy leveling.

1. Get out of your old MMO mindset, renown hearts in guild wars 2 are NOT your sole source of experience, far from it actually. I know many people such as myself went straight from one heart to the next like quests in an old MMO. However renown hearts are more of a guide line, there are often dynamic events happening around those areas and they draw your attention to them. So by all means do the renown hearts but don't rely on them.

2. Explore, you actually get experience points every time you discover a way point or point of interest in the guild wars 2 world, at lower levels you could gain whole levels just by walking round a city! Exploring will also take you to places you wouldn't normally go to whilst doing renown hearts where you will find dynamic events to do and level from. Also keep in mind that enemies give bonus exp if they've been alive for a long time, so if theres a cave troll in some far away cave that nobody has killed for 15 minutes, you'll get more exp from that than you will from a drake in the river with tonnes of people in it.

3. Do dynamic events, these are a very good source of exp, gold and karma from not only killing the enemies but the reward you get at the end, being active will get you more rewards and faster leveling. If you see a dynamic event going on, don't ignore it and think 'I'll come back later', just get out there and do it. Remember to revive people in these events as doing is not only nice and will speed the event along but gives you more exp than killing a monster does.

4. Stick around after dynamic events and pay attention to NPCS, often they link off into new events but you wont see this happen if you run right off, just wait in the area for a few minutes and listen to the NPC's conversations, or maybe follow them to wherever they're going, you're likely to find something else to do. You should also talk to NPCs, sometimes doing so will trigger off a dynamic event or what they ask you to do will trigger an event, these NPCs are sometimes marked with a gold star above their head although not always.

5. Gathering, you can buy a sickle, an axe and a pickaxe for barely any gold at most vendors and all resources will show up on the map, gathering resources gives you experience (more than you get from killing mobs) and the resources can be used to craft items or if crafting isn't your cup of tea you can sell them on the trading post. You don't even have to worry about running out of space as you can right click on a stack of materials and press 'Deposit Collectibles' to send that stack straight to the bank or press 'Deposit all collectibles' to send all your materials to the bank at once. Gathering can also take you to places you wouldn't think of going to and help you discover things if you just follow the materials on the map gathering them all up you could easily find yourself half-way across the map fighting a horde of centaurs.

6. Crafting in Guild Wars 2, you gain a good amount of experience for every level you gain in crafting, the developers say there's 10 levels worth of experience in each discipline, that means you could effectively get all the way to level 80 from crafting alone! Crafting is also great for getting good gear which you can either wear or sell on the trading post.

7. Personal Story, each personal story mission will give you a high amount of exp, money and karma as a reward along with a nice piece of gear making it well worth your time.

8. WvWvW, whilst I didn't play much of this myself I heard you would get very high amounts of exp from capturing keeps and towers, this is the way the people who got to levels such as 60 or 80 in the BWEs did it because there's so much exp to be gained whether you are successful in taking a keep or not. Just make sure you play with a group for maximum success.

9. Skill points, these challenges give a fair amount of exp upon completion and also give you a skill point which can be used to get newer skills and later on in the game will be used to buy rare crafting materials.

10. Don't go out with the aim to level. This is probably the best advice I've seen on the subject, remember the game isn't about being max level, there's not much in the way of endgame and the whole game is meant to be enjoyed, just take your time and enjoy the content you're playing and do what you want instead of rushing to the next level. I found that playing like this I leveled more quickly than when I was actively trying to level and would be surprised when the level up animation occurred because I wasn't paying attention to my exp bar.

So obviously I'm not saying you have to do all these things to level effectively, if you don't like crafting, don't do it, same with WvWvW (I didn't do any of that, though not due to a disliking of it). However if you do do all the skill points, renown hearts and discover all the way points and points of interest you'll get a very nice reward for completing the zone, I got about 50 silver, some good armour and some cash shop items for completing the starter zone for Charr. Now with the addition of vistas there's even more content to keep you busy and give you more exp.
I hope this helped anyone who has been having trouble leveling. for more tips and Guild wars 2 discussion visit our Guild wars 2 Forums


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