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any old ff11 players arround?


hey any old ff11 players out on the forums?

for those that dont know the mmo is an old one but its pretty great and my fav still. there going to have another exp in 2013 witch i will be getting, it is a sub based game

was wondering if any of the old players of the game would go back?

i know i will and since gw2 doesnt have a sub i can play both

man its been awhile since i have seen my puppetmaster

on that note it also gives me sommat to do while i wait on gw2 launch and bwe3

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OMG I loved this game, I played in December 2011 but it's kinda dead…. and it was a slow level system.. I'd wanna play again for the nostalgia but I cba to pay the 8.99 p/m :l

****BEST AVATAR EVER *******
( who doesn't love buisness?! )

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